Image of The ecosystem of drivers for electronic procurement adoption for construction project procurement


The ecosystem of drivers for electronic procurement adoption for construction project procurement

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to present a review of research developments on the ecosystem of driving forces for electronic procurement (e-procurement) on project procurement and to propose directions for future research for an effective adoption and sustained usage. Design/methodology/approach A systematic literature review was conducted in three phases to identify and examine literature. A total of 68 papers were retrieved and were thoroughly reviewed to identify the drivers for e-procurement. Findings A total of 61 drivers were identified and subsequently developed into a categorization framework for synthesized understanding which reveals existing interrelationships. Although literature has consensus on some selected drivers, few studies have identified drivers relating to sustainability. Gaps were identified from the existing literature and directions for future research were proposed. Research limitations/implications Since this is a literature review, future research could conduct further investigations focusing on the research gaps identified. The framework developed presents a basis for further research to explore the drivers in various socio-economic environments. Practical implications This study provides valuable insights for improving the understanding of practitioners on the complex network of drivers for e-procurement. These findings stimulate discussions on benefits required for assessment in e-procurement adoption by practitioners. Originality/value This study provides the first comprehensive review of the drivers for e-procurement adoption in the construction industry, which was lacking in the existing body of knowledge.


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Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management
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