Image of Critical success factors for implementation process of design-build projects in Vietnam


Critical success factors for implementation process of design-build projects in Vietnam

Design-build (DB) has become widely prosperous in recent years. This new approach could be applicable to construction projects in either developed or developing countries. However, the implementation process of DB in Vietnam encounters difficulties due to the unfamiliarity and inexperience with the approach. This study aims to identify the correlation and causality between critical success factors (CSFs) and DB project performance measured by key performance indicators (KPIs).

A questionnaire was used to collect the project data from public and private sector DB projects in Vietnam. The correlation between CSFs and KPIs was identified through correlation analysis. Then, the causality was explored through regression analysis.

The results of correlation indicate that parties’ capabilities play an important role in determining the success or failure of DB projects. In addition, the results of causality highlight six CSFs which significantly affect DB project performance, including resolving conflicts quickly; effective overall managerial actions in planning, organizing, leading and controlling; project participants’ satisfaction with the financial return from the project; competent multidisciplinary project team; project team members’ good/active attitudes to the job; and adequate funding throughout the project. It was also shown that there is no significant difference about the project performance between public and private sector DB projects.

Practical implications
Identifying the correlation and causality between CSFs and different aspects of DB project performance could help project participants to know the controllable CSFs on which they must focus more. Hence, they could manage these CSFs properly to increase the chance of meeting time, cost and quality objectives of DB projects in which they are involved and achieving the owners’ satisfaction.

The findings of this study could provide project participants in Vietnam, as well as similar developing countries, with a better understanding of the impact of CSFs on different aspects of DB project performance. Hence, they could make effective CSFs-based improvements on their management-oriented approaches to enhance different aspects of DB project performance.


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